Without help, your Bridgemate units are often missing player names because players don't enter, don't remember or don't have a player number. How can Nameview help?



Synchronize Bridgemate Names from ACBLScore
- Use ACBLScore to complete your player names
- Use NameView to Synchronize the Bridgemate database
- Eliminate missing or incorrect names at the table
- Support one to many sections; Update one at a time or all at once
- Clear feedback provides 'peace of mind'
- 'One Click' functionality for your club games
- Free to install and Easy to use!

What is NameView?

NameView is a powerful yet intuitive and easy to use synchronization tool for your Bridgemate games. It features unique functionality that allows you to use ACBLScore to manage your player names and then quickly and easily update Bridgemate with your final results.

- At your club your players enter their id's into the Bridgmates and you bring them into ACBLScore. Generally there's a couple of names missing, maybe a new pair, sometimes an error. So you fix the entries up quickly in ACBLScore (a tool you've used for years) and you're done. Except that at the tables the names are still wrong or missing. With one click NameView will synchronize all the names from ACBLScore out to the Bridgemates and no more confusion. The players are more comfortable knowing everyone is in the right place!

- At your tournament many players enter their id's into the Bridgmates and you struggle with Bridgemate to add the missing player numbers. Not the easiest tool to use here and not what you're used to! Instead, simply bring the names into ACBLScore and fix the entries up quickly using a tool you've used for years. The tables still have wrong or missing names so open NameView and with a couple of clicks you can validate and synchronize all the names from ACBLScore out to the Bridgemates. No more confusion, everyone's happy!

Use the tools you're comfortable with and have complete and correct player names in ACBLScore and on the Bridgemates at the table.

Key Features
  • Easy selection of your ACBLScore and Bridgemate game files.
  • Automatically matches your ACBLScore and Bridgemate sections.
  • Identifies sections where ACBLScore name entry is not complete.
  • Works for all situations, from a single club game to a large mutiple game tournament.
  • Provides feedback on player sync count for every section.
  • Auto mode allows 'single click' synchronization of your current game sections.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

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