Are you trying to understand your ACBLScore game file? Do you want to pull some data from it? Or maybe you're just curious. How can GameScan help?



Scan Your ACBLScore files to a Formatted Output
- Quickly scan one or many ACBLScore game files
- Each file is converted to formatted text
- Simple to read and find the information you need
- Supports Pair,Individual and Team games
- Additional decodes are always being added
- Scan your player name database file too
- Free to install and Easy to use!

What is GameScan?

GameScan is a simple scan tool to dump your ACBLScore game files to an easy-to-read formatted text file.

- All internal blocks are dumped.

- All significant settings are shown in binary and text forms.

- Find information or patterns that you need for your application or simply browse around to see what's up!

- Player Name database file can be scanned as well.

- Provides a central knowledge repository for the bridge coding community!

ACBLScore has new life, so use GameScan to find the information you need and add value for your club.

Key Features
  • Easy selection of your ACBLScore game files.
  • Does not disturb any running ACBLScore file with the scan.
  • Each game file generates a matching scan file.
  • Easy to read binary and text labelled fields.
  • Unknown areas are still shown in binary format.
  • Includes a map of all file blocks.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

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If your question is not answered, submit bug reports, new feature requests, and comments using the GreenSoft contact form.


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