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NameView is a powerful yet intuitive and easy to use synchronization tool for your Bridgemate games. It features unique functionality that allows you to use ACBLScore to manage your player names and then quickly and easily update Bridgemate with your final results. ACBLScore, Bridgemate and NameView now work together to support half-tables, either a phantom pair or a rover pair.
The current release of NameView is version which was released on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

Build History

Changes in Build
  • Corrected stupid security error, sorry.

Changes in Build
  • Corrected active bridgemate database check to ignore casing.

Changes in Build
  • General code rebuild, cleanup and reorganization.
  • Rationalization and logging of status and error messages.
  • Upgraded compiled help file.
  • Added check for active bridgemate database.
  • Added 'upload support log file' menu option.
  • Clarified sync button labeling and display.
  • Corrected user settings persistence.

Changes in Build
  • Synchronizing names now populates both the name and player number fields.
  • The player number was previously never used but the BridgeMate app requires the number field.

Changes in Build
  • ACBLscore external movements use a phantom pair for a rover movement and the rover may start E/W which confuses the Bridgemates.
  • Added a workaround for this issue.
  • Cleaned up the coloring and language for updating with half-tables.

Changes in Build
  • The newer BCS 3 and ACBLscore 10 versions properly support phantom pairs in both directions.
  • Added support for "rover" pairs to fix the BCS to work with ACBLscore.
  • Added the help topic 'Half-Table' to explain the ups and downs.

Changes in Build
  • Added "tournament" mode to provide more appropriate views and defaults
  • Blank default filenames if they do not currently exist
  • Corrected resizing error on 1-click section table
  • Corrected section link to letter from id
  • Added clarified help on 'One-Click', 'Tournament Mode' and filename defaults

Changes in Build
  • Added code signing certificate
  • Include compiled help
  • Added right-click menu functionality: help, web links, version check
  • Corrected 'sync' checkbox problems
  • Using standard 'About' dialog

Changes in Build
  • Initial Release

Thank You
Thank You for installing and using NameView.
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